Tyler King, a successful entrepreneur, shows his fans how failure is positive

Live a Successful Innovative Industrial Life Under the Counseling of Tyler King 

Got a brilliant idea for your business? Many people, once in their lives, desire to bring something new to this world to amaze it. Some of them know what they want to bring, and some don’t. Once you figure out what you want, the magical journey of a mysterious adventure begins, which gives you all excitement mixed with nervous vibes. To control these nervous vibes and bring forth your pioneering idea to the practical world, some radiant people offer their great services as counselors. One such smart, brilliant-minded, experienced, and determined person includes our star, Tyler King.

Why Tyler King? Let us have a brief introduction of him to answer the question.

About Tyler King

Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Tyler King is a successful entrepreneur who is known as one of the USA’s most rising and triumphant businessmen. Tyler King is the CEO of Assuras, an international consulting website where Tyler King provides his assistance as a business consultant. He is also the founder and Executive Director of a 501(c3) non-profitable company, A Voice From Prison, which advocates criminal justice reform as well as constitutional rights. Tyler King is running both companies successfully to offer brilliant services for the greater good of the world.

“I’ve always wanted to make a significant difference in the world. It’s what I’m here for, I believe. And that begins with preventing others from being taken advantage of and giving them chances to improve their lives. I don’t want people to get anything for free; I’d rather they be empowered so that they may become self-reliant. As a result, communities as a whole benefit. “

Before Assuras and A Voice From Prison, Tyler King owned multiple businesses around the country. After getting years of experience and expertise as an entrepreneur, Tyler decided to give back to society his assistance in the form of management consulting via Assuras. 

What exactly is Assuras? Let’s find out together.

About Assuras

Assuras by Tyler King A successful entrepreneur

Under the supervision of Tyler King, Assuras is a company that is bringing the latest approach to problem-solving to the industry’s people. Its main purpose is to offer bright advancements to the world as per its clientele’s demands. It has helped a number of business owners regarding business strategy, corporate finances, performance improvement, innovation and product development, change management, marketing, sales, agile management, lean manufacturing, globalization, analytics, workplace modernization, customer engagement, operational efficiency, and design.

The members of Assuras’s staff come from a variety of backgrounds and have mastered their profession and field of competence. The staff is comprised of experts in the various departments: healthcare, technology, telecommunication, education, insurance, defense and government services, media, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and even aerospace.

The company is not merely widespread of facilities for multiple industries. It has been successful at achieving 100% satisfaction for the clients it serves by bringing successful innovations to the business. To satisfy their upcoming clients, Assuras shares the feedback of their previous clients publicly.

How to Contact the Company?

One can easily access the assistance of Tyler King and his team by contacting them through the company’s website. With the ideal interface of the website, it is a piece of cake. Go to their site and click the “Contact Us” tab above on the menu. On the pop-up page, select the type of your query and enter your email address. The company will shortly contact you. You can also contact the company through its social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

What is the secret of Tyler King’s success behind such big success?

At the age of just 33, Tyler has become one of the most influential businessmen, and the secret is in his experience and belief in never giving up. According to Tyler, failure is just an experience that takes you one step closer to success. Never give up. Not once, not twice, even if you fail a hundred times. Do you think a hundred is a lot? Remember Thomas Edison, who invented the first light bulb? The man failed 1000 times in attempts to succeed but never quit.

Tyler King's success behind such big success

Tyler shared the same positive mindset of determination. He went through a lot of trouble to get here. He even went to jail for 6 years because of false charges, but never gave up. The story goes as follows:

Tyler was charged based on the fact that he taught computer skills to someone who subsequently used those abilities to hack into her boss’ email. The hacking was done to learn more about the person’s past sexual harassment complaint. Tyler, saying that an injustice had been served, accepted the plea agreement offered by US prosecutors and chose to go to trial on his own. However, the outcome was not in his favor, and he was sentenced to 6.5 years in prison. On the other hand, the individual who committed the crime received no penalty at all.

Tyler King became an activist for constitutional rights and criminal justice reform as a result of this occurrence. He chose to turn all of his problems, including lost reputation, time, and money, into opportunities and began advocating for change. This resulted in the creation of an NPO blog, “A Voice From Prison” in which Tyler documented his bad experiences with the criminal justice system.

Tyler frequently discusses it and some other influential stories with his clients to let them get the lesson. During his counseling, he empowers them and tells them to not be afraid of failure but rather embrace it. He convinces them to plan it and alleviate the latest failure’s effects. If it doesn’t work again, repeat the process but do not quit.

If you are looking forward to fulfilling your innovative idea, join him and his team for your work. You can contact them on their website as well as on social media.

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