In the Halloween season the majority of Americans typically seek out scares by visiting haunted houses. Other people may try to satisfy their curiosity by visiting haunted houses in which real-life murders were committed.

Many homes that are known for being “murder homes” are quickly taken down due to the terrible incidents that occurred inside. However, a handful of these homes remain in existence and have taken their place among the most famous spots in the United States.

To find America’s most famous murder residences, we provide 24/7 Tempo examined data supplied by the National Association of Realtors for homes where prominent murders or suspicious deaths have occurred.

If a crime has been committed at a residence its value and the use could change dramatically. In many instances the property is sold by the local government when the owners die or are imprisoned. In most cases, when an estate that was once owned by a murderer changes hands and the new owners take over, they demolish the structure in favor of a new house with no negative history.

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Some murder house owners look into the dark history of their properties by offering tours and stay-overs to serious fans of crime. Even though they’re not accessible to the general public, there are times when these homes are still visited and even attempts to break-ins from those who are curious about the events which took place at the time.

Los Feliz Murder Mansion
> Location: Los Angeles, CA

This five-bedroom, 3.5-bath home known as the “Los Feliz Murder Mansion” is where Dr. Harold Perelson killed his wife with a hammer in 1959. The grim history of the Los Angeles home led to rumors the home was haunted, and it was vacant for many years. The home was purchased for nearly $2.3 million in 2016, then sold for $2.35 million in late 2020.

‘The Conjuring’ home
> Location: Burrillville, RI

What may seem like an unassuming farm home in Burrillville, Rhode Island, served as the inspiration for one of the most frightening horror films in recent years — 2013’s “The Conjuring.”

The film tells the true story of the Perron family, who called paranormal investigators to look into odd happenings at the house — including disembodied voices, stopping clocks, and the death of their dog. Supposedly, the home is haunted by Bathsheba, a witch who killed her own baby there.

Chris Watts’ home
> Location: Frederick, CO

The vacant home where the Watts family used to live in Frederick, Colorado, became the setting of a Netflix true crime documentary, titled “American Murder: The Family Next Door.” Chris Watts reportedly admitted to police that he killed his pregnant wife Shannan and two daughters after revealing he was having an affair. He initially misled investigators and the public but confessed after he failed a polygraph test.

With the popularity of the docuseries, the home has become a magnet for true crime fans. The home is in limbo, with a $6 million lien from the wrongful death suit Shannan’s parents won against Chris Watts hanging over it.