Video of a snake’s “death performance” has recently become viral on the internet.

The Georgia’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR) posted the video on the DNR’s Facebook account on Tuesday. it already has received more than 33 million people watching it. The commenters were shocked and shocked of the snake’s Oscar worthy action.

The video begins with a black snake which appears to be a cobra that is slithering on the ground. After a couple of minutes the snake wraps around itself, then turns over on its back. While its mouth is open the snake tries to tie itself in the knot.

Then, after flipping over and sliding on the floor, it ceases moving. In the last frame of the video the snake appears completely lifeless in its slumber upon its hindquarters.

In its blog post in its post, it was noted that the DNR stated that it isn’t dead and is not cobra.

“Nope, not a cobra. In fact, it’s not even a venomous snake,” the DNR declared. “It’s really just an indigenous eastern hognose, performing the stage performance of its existence.

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“When this creepy critter feels threatened, it flares its neck and body by breathing in deeply and then expelling the air with an impresssssive [sic] hiss. If that doesn’t work, a hognose will forcefully roll onto its back and begin to writhe violently as if in terrible pain,” the department continued.

However, the action doesn’t end there. The department says that the serpent could be able to “evert its cloacal vent, regurgitate its stomach contents, defecate, release musk and even bleed from its mouth.”