In preparation for the role of the former Theranos CEO and founder Elizabeth Holmes was a months-long process that required working together with an instructor, as well as performing sales pitches that were fake, Amanda Seyfried told The Parting Shot podcast.

The Oscar-nominated actress plays Holmes as Holmes in Hulu’s The Dropout The Dropout, a short show based on an ABC Podcast that has the same title. The series will start airing on March 3 two months following the time Holmes had been found to be guilty by an appeals court in California of fraud in connection with assertions about the capability to run a blood test business.

Seyfried claimed she had around three months to study for the role prior to the film’s preproduction. Depositions of hours and interviews Holmes gave to the media over the years helped Seyfried in analyzing her voice and manner of speaking.

“I’m an imitator; I’m an actor. Naturally, I’m not a clone of her. I’m not going to ever be her duplicate,” Seyfried said. “The trick is getting viewers to believe that you’re like her shortly into the show. Then they forget about what she actually is like.”

During her rehearsals for the role Seyfried stated that she “just was listening.”

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“It was exactly the type of work I had during my high school days,” Seyfried said. “All suddenly I became a zealous college student and it was a lot of entertaining, not to mention the difficulty and also how frightening it was. However, it was a joy at moments,” she said, noting that it’s “troubling sometimes to remind myself that this was all real”

Seyfried has said that she worked with her vocal coach to get her voice more like Holmes the baritone who is renowned for his deep voice. Although Seyfried admitted that she’s not sure what people will think about her attempts to emulate Holmes her voice She said that she “did the things I had to do in order to achieve it and make it seem real” and added that she had “a many really intelligent and creative people who helped us discover what that we needed to locate to convey that story.”

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