After suffering a serious heart attack while driving, the actor and activist was taken to hospital Tuesday. Alyssa Milano is speaking out after being involved in a scary car accident on a Los Angeles freeway.

Charmed alum, 48 was a passenger in the 2020 Ford Edge SUV driven by Mitchell J. Carp. Milano reports that the 63 year-old suffered a heart attack while behind the wheel. This led to a crash.

Milano described the incident as “traumatic” in a statement posted Wednesday on Twitter and Instagram.

My family was subject to a frightening and terrifying event yesterday. My Uncle Mitch suffered a heart attack and was in his car when I was there as a passenger. The car crashed into him. The actress and activist said that she was grateful for the kindness of strangers who helped her. I will never be able thank them enough for all the care and attention that they, together with the first responders and nurses at UCLA Medical Center, gave to him and me.

She said, “Uncle Mitch has been such an integral part of our family. He is always there for us, spending time with our children and being a part of every meaningful aspect of our lives. We are still unsure if he will make a full recovery.

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Milano asked her family to show her love and support during her “incredibly difficult time” and advised her followers that they obtain CPR certification.

She said, “You never know when you will be called upon to save someone’s life.” Regular classes are offered by the American Red Cross, many hospitals, and other organizations. This is a small but significant effort that can make a big difference.