Fans are frantic for an update on Adeles Vegas residency, as the singer hasn’t played there for days. They have taken to social media to vent their frustration, and the situation is threatening the future of the $150 million residency. It has also been revealed that the singer is unhappy with the set design, which has included a swimming pool in the middle of the stage.

The Colosseum Theater has been closed for weeks as the venue removes the “flying platform” and other stages from Adele’s Las Vegas residency. The singer has been holed up in her apartment with her boyfriend, Rich Paul, and is unsure whether or not the show will go ahead. However, there is a chance that the Vegas residency will still go ahead, if not, she’s reportedly unable to come to a new agreement.

Adele’s Vegas residency may not go ahead, as the venue removed the stage sets. Last week, Adele announced that the show was cancelled because it wasn’t ready. She blamed the venue and set designer, Esmeralda Devlin, for the cancellation of her shows. During this time, the singer remains holed up with her boyfriend and has been apologetic to fans on video calls.

According to a Variety report, Adele’s ‘Weekends with Rich Paul’ residency at Caesars Palace is a ‘goner’. The artist reportedly had a falling out with her set designer, Esmeralda Delvin, and has since been unable to schedule a new show. The show is unlikely to go ahead, but Adele’s Vegas residency may be in jeopardy.

The singer’s Las Vegas residency is in jeopardy as the venue removes her sets. ‘Weekends With Adele’ is the first of the two residencies to be cancelled after a ‘furious row’ over a swimming pool stunt. ‘Weekends With Adelé’ is still expected to go ahead as planned in 2022.

The venue’s plans for Adele’s Vegas residency are now in jeopardy. The singer has reportedly had a falling out with her team over the set design. In the month before the opening date, she could not get through a rehearsal and was’screaming and sobbing on the phone to her boyfriend Rich Paul. In addition to a falling out with her set designer, the venue is also rethinking the schedule for future residencies.

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The Colosseum Theatre’s cancellation of Adele’s Vegas residency has led to concerns for the future of the show. The singer’s show is estimated to generate $150 million, but the venue has not yet provided the exact amount of revenue. The Lassalleum theatre has already removed the stage and has not revealed the total figure, and the company has now taken back the sets.

The reschedule for Adeles Las Vegas residency has been delayed after the venue’s removal of the sets. The singer refused to perform above the swimming pool, and she called it a ‘baggy old pond’. She has been reportedly at odds with the set designer, Esmeralda Devlin, and has complained about her performance. During her last week of rehearsals, she was unable to get through a single rehearsal and her team was’screaming and sobbing’ on the phone.

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The venue removed the stage and sound systems for Adeles Vegas residency. The show’s set designer, Esmeralda Devlin, has been accused of clashing with the singer during rehearsals. A lack of communication between the two has led to the cancellation of the show. The Colosseum’s set designer is also accused of rearranging the schedule of Adele’s Vegas residency.

The reason for the cancellation of Adeles Las Vegas residency is unclear. She cancelled the show a few weeks before the show, citing scheduling conflicts and set design issues. She originally planned to play twice a week at the Colosseum and was scheduled to perform there during the entire duration of her residency. Her cancellation was a blow to her PR, which had already been shattered by the controversy over the swimming pool.