Abu Dhabi will allow only vaccinated persons into certain public places

Abu Dhabi won’t allow people who have been vaccinated into public spaces beginning August 20, according to a statement by the Emirati government media office.

The Abu Dhabi Emergency, Crisis, and Disasters Committee took the decision after having vaccinated 93 percent of the target groups within the Emirate and to maintain public health.
Shopping centers, restaurants, cafes, and gyms are all public places.
This decision applies also to health clubs, resorts and museums, cultural centers, theme parks, and universities, as well as schools and nurseries.
This decision does not apply to people who have never been vaccinated or children under 15 years of age.
Dubai, a neighboring emirate, is not bound by the same rules, as its economy relies heavily on tourism.
One of the highest rates of vaccination in the world is found in the United Arab Emirates. The country used to vaccinate its residents with the Sinopharm shot, but it has since added other vaccines.
Despite the rapid vaccine rollout, the UAE has seen approximately 2,000 new cases per week for the past few weeks. The UAE announced earlier this month that it would provide a booster shot for residents who have had two shots of Sinopharm.

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