Many people are asking the same question about the stimulus: Is there a fourth check on the cards? — is finally starting to be answered. At least, that’s what it seems to be for some. However, this does not mean that the federal government will stop trying to make new rounds of payments. Given the opposition to any attempt by the Biden administration this year to ramp up the stimulus, it’s unrealistic to think that that will be happening anytime soon. Instead, we will share the fourth update on the stimulus check with you.

It reflects two things. This is one, the existing money has been used for it. A related initiative is also underway at the state level (in one case).

Fourth stimulus check update

Here’s the scoop. The $1.9 trillion stimulus law of March, which triggered a third wave $1,400 stimulus checks, sparked a third wave. Some people were able to receive a fourth payment because of it. Only if you meet a specific condition.

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This is the condition: Parents who have a child in 2021 may also be eligible for an additional $1,400.

These are just a few of the important facts you need to know about this payment. There is an income limit. A single filer can not earn more than $75,000 in adjusted gross income per year. To receive the full amount, a couple’s income must be below $150,000. For incomes higher than that, the $1,400 will be reduced. It will be phased out for couples earning more than $160,000 and single filers making more than $80,000.

Keep in mind that the $1,400 won’t be the only money the new parents will receive. Don’t forget about the ongoing child tax credit payments.