Each day brings new reports that show the incompetence and deterioration of the Biden administration in Afghanistan.

Politico reported on Thursday that U.S. officials provided the Taliban with a list of American citizens, green-card holders and Afghan allies to allow them entry at the terrorist organization’s checkpoints. If true, and the United States can’t find these people or evacuate them, then the Biden administration has just put their lives at risk.

In a press conference, President Joe Biden acknowledged that the U.S. had handed over names to Taliban. However, he stated that he was not certain if a particular list existed.

“Our military has reached out to their Taliban counterparts on occasions and told them, “This bus is coming through with X amount of people, comprised of the following people. He said, “We want you to allow that bus or that group through.” “So, yes. There have been times like that. “To my best knowledge, those cases have seen the majority of that happen, and they’ve been allowed through.”

He said, “I cannot tell you with any certainty that there was actually a list of people.” “There might have been. But I don’t know of any. This doesn’t necessarily mean it doesn’t exist. Here are the names of 12 people. They’re coming. It could have been.

Problem is, the U.S. doesn’t have any way to guarantee that those on the list will be able to leave Afghanistan without harm. An estimated 1,000 Americans are still at Taliban checkpoints. The attacks on Kabul’s airport on Thursday have slowed the U.S. evacuation efforts. It is possible that many of these people will be left behind.

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They will be almost certainly hunted down and killed by the Taliban if they do. Many Afghans have reported that Taliban soldiers are looking for Afghans who fought alongside NATO and the U.S. forces. According to a former interpreter for American Special Forces, he witnessed another man being gunned down in front of him by the Taliban because he suspected he had been working with foreign forces. In a viral video, Taliban soldiers were seen pulling people out of their homes and then execution them on the streets.

The Taliban have now been able to identify their targets even more easily thanks to the Biden administration. This is a terrible situation that should make us question the ability of the U.S. officials responsible for this crisis to protect the country and the people they swear to defend.