A huge Python eats birds while hanging upside-down from a Gutter in Video

A huge carpet python was discovered eating a bird as it was hanging upside down from a gutter at an eastern Australian home.

The incident took place in Palmwoods, a rural community in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast region.

The homeowners called Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7, run by Stuart McKenzie. They responded immediately.

Isn’t that crazy? Today, I was called to Palmwoods by McKenzie for help with a sneaky carpet snake that was hanging from the guttering.” McKenzie posted a Facebook page featuring a video of the scene.

“It’s winter, rainy and cold and this amazing carpet python still decided it wanted to get a nice bird feed.”

McKenzie stated in the video that it was common in Australia for snakes to hibernate and disappear during winter. They are active even on sunny winter days.

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McKenzie stated that the carpet python “took advantage of” a bird that was too close, despite the fact that it was cold and wet at the time the snake was found.

McKenzie arrives at the house and one homeowner can be heard telling him that he was shocked to see the serpent.

The snake is seen hanging from the gutter, trying to swallow the bird whole. There are also a few feathers scattered across the snake’s body.

McKenzie stated that he would wait until the snake swallowed the bird completely before trying to get rid of it.

He said, “It’s crazy how large a food item they can consume – usually four or five times larger than their heads,” in the video.

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