This year, many of those longing for a blue checkmark on Twitter were filled with hope when the company reopened its public verification process for the first time in almost four years. However, that hope was short-lived as Twitter paused the process and then reopened it in June. Surprisingly, Twitter has again paused verification access

The company’s official Twitter Verified account tweeted on Friday that it was temporarily stopping its verification access rollout once more in order to make improvements to the application and review process. Considering the recent incident in July when Twitter verified six fake accounts–including one of an adorable cat in a bucket–that reportedly started sending out Korean-language spam, its decision to pause the process again makes sense.

Twitter Verified stated that “We have temporarily halted the rollout of access to apply to Verification in order to make improvements to the application review process and application process” We are sorry for those who have waited. We appreciate your patience and want to make things right.

This doesn’t mean Twitter will not verify your account if an application has been submitted. Twitter Verified said on Friday that it was working on reviewing all of the applications it had received as fast as it could. Twitter users are not able to request verification as the company is slowly rolling out access.

A spokesperson for Twitter told the outlet that the company would “resume rolling applications in the coming weeks.”

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The news is frustrating and irritating for those who desire a blue checkmark. I realize that I’m speaking from a place of “privilege” (I guess) since I have a blue checkmark, but you gotta wonder if people who qualify for a blue checkmark will ever get one. It seems like there’s always something going on with verification, from not taking applications for years to pausing because there are too many applications.

You will need to be very lucky to submit an application when the verification department isn’t busy. This is not an easy feat. Don’t worry if you aren’t very lucky. Blue checkmarks are a popular choice, but who knows what else will be in fashion. We might not even be on Twitter.