Within Destiny 2, Xur has moved to a new area in which he is selling high-end extravagant items, but only for a brief period of time.

If you’re not familiar with Xur He’s a wandering trader who appears on Bungie’s live space service regularly. He’ll open a shop at one of three locations across the universe every Thursday between 1 and 2 p.m. ET. He usually travels to the EDZ, Nessus, and the Tower in the same order.

No matter where he set up his shop, Xur will remain there up to Destiny 2 resets on Tuesday at 1 p.m. ET the following week. Once this time is up the next week, he will not be able to reach him over the following 72 hours.

Because he’s only staying for a couple of days at an time tracking his constant movements throughout the world of games could be quite exhausting. This is particularly true if the trade involves armor or weapons components you really want since the inventory of his game can fluctuate with the changes in the place he’s in.

In the end, The Washington Newsday will provide regular updates on the location of Xur and ensure that you don’t lose a chance to interact with the business. On October 8, we’ve listed where you will locate the merchant.

In the week between October 8-12, where are you located in Xur in the movie ‘Destiny 2 Where is Xur in ‘Destiny 2’?

For the week ahead, Xur can be found in the EDZ location of Winding Cove.

You’ll have up to 1 p.m. ET on October 12th to browse his selections. Xur is expected to be removed out of the game until his scheduled appearance on Friday, after that deadline has been met.

For this week’s event, Xur has exotic items that are available to purchase.

Although Xur’s inventory keeps changing, he’ll always be able to offer at least four unusual things to sell.

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There will definitely be a weapon, as well as three armor pieces (one per one of the Destiny 2’s class). Here’s what he’s got available as on October 8: Telesto can be seen as a main character from the movie Telesto (Exotic Fusion Rifle) The Bombardiers are soldiers in their military (Exotic Hunting Leg Armor) Stand-Asides Mk. 44 (Exotic Titan Leg Armor) The Advice of Winter (Exotic Warlock Gauntlets) Xur has opened his store within Nessus’ Watcher’s Grave region in the last week. He was selling Hard Light auto weapon, Galanor Shards and more. This is a simplified version of the info.