Online, a worker was praised after he quit his job because his boss said, “You are Replaceable.”

An employee who was forced to work on his days off and quit his job has received support via the internet.

The employee was informed that despite having their time off “authorized many months ago”, he would need to cover the shift of an absent employee.

His supervisor told the employee that he was “replaceable” after he refused to follow his boss’s orders. He then asked him to quit.

Reddit user 42words uploaded details of the incident in a post entitled “YOU ARE REMPLACEABLE” ‘good then I quit’ and ‘NOT LIKE THAT’ 

At the time of writing, the post had received more than 37,500 upvotes. The post also includes a screenshot of an alleged text message conversation between a line manager (Dan) and a worker.

Dan was informed by the line manager that Miguel, another employee, had called in sick and that he would “need him” to cover the shift.

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His employer replied that Dan was just taking a day off from work and was hunting. Dan insisted on meeting at 3 p.m., noting that he had already scheduled the day off months ahead of time and worked “6 days per week”. His boss didn’t seem to be bothered by his behavior. He told him that “one day off” was plenty of time and threatened to reject his time off. Dan responded, “You can’t do that,” to which his boss replied, “Watch me.” Dan’s boss called his actions “unprofessional” but threatened to take his payment if he didn’t show up.

They continue to say that they can replace you. “I’ll be there at three o’clock.” Dan’s reply to that communication was the last straw. “I decided to quit working.” “I’m sure you won’t have any difficulty finding someone to replace me, because I’m so disposable.” Facepalm replies, “NO, NOT LIKE THIS.” His boss tried to reverse the situation with his last communication. He wrote: “Don’t quit because you’re unhappy.” They also said, “Be thankful that you don’t have to work as hard as I do” and that he allowed him to see his family once a week.