A bear was captured in Colorado trying to hibernate underneath a family’s house.

A report claims that a bear tried to hibernate in a Nederland family home.

According to Fox affiliate KDVR, Judith and Michael Payne were unaware that a bear was planning to spend winter under their home.

According to Champ, Champ’s dog, Champ began barking at the bear when they first became aware of its existence.

KDVR’s Judith Payne said that the bear then walked out of the room and was just inches from my door.

The barking of the dog finally scared the bear off and the bear fled to a den it had made under the home.

“That’s not good,” I said. Michael Payne said, “We’ve had bears come through before, but none of them have stayed.”

“I didn’t know.” I don’t know how long he had been there. They are just getting settled in for winter in the next few weeks.

They can also make a den under trees, in rock crevices or high up in trees in warmer climates.

These dens are where bears hibernate for the duration of hibernation. This causes their heartbeat, respiration and body temperature to drop dramatically.

After the bear had fled into the hole, the Paynes called Sam Peterson from Colorado Parks and Wildlife to remove it.

Peterson used ammonia to deter bears. The ammonia smell had become too strong for the bear below the Paynes’ home, and it prompted him to run out of his den and get off the property.

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KDVR was informed by the Paynes that they were relieved to hear that their unwelcome visitor left sooner than they expected. However, they also stated that they know that bear country is not unusual for them and that such situations are not common.

“In a way, we infringe on their territory.” We are their guests. These things will occur.