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taylor Swift are up in arms after finding out that John Mayer is featured on Swift’s latest album, ‘masterpiece’. Should you be upset or could this be a master plan? Read what the fans have said and judge for yourself!

Taylor Swift Fans Believe She Goes After John Mayer

Taylor Swift fans believe that she goes after John Mayer because he has been known to be a player in the past. They also think that she is addressing engagement rumors in her new song, “Midnights.”

Engagement Rumor

Much like her many previous songs, Swift’s new single “Midnight” is widely believed to be about her past relationship with John Mayer. The song references a number of specific incidents from their time together, including a rumored engagement.

In the chorus, Swift sings “And I can see you in everything / I touch, I see, I breathe / Every hung-up evening /I remember your midnights.” Many fans have interpreted this to mean that she still thinks about Mayer even though they are no longer together.

The verse goes on to reference an incident where Mayer allegedly called Swift a “tease” for not wanting to get physical with him. She responds by saying that she knew he was only interested in her because she was famous.

While the song is clearly about Swift’s past relationship with Mayer, it also seems to address the rumors that have circulated about their engagement. In the final chorus, she sings “So when you call me up at midnight /Don’t expect me to be nice.” This could be interpreted as a message to those who have been speculating about her personal life.

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Swift’s new album, “Midnights,” is a break-up album. And though she’s never mentioned Mayer by name, her fans believe that the album is about her on-and-off again relationship with the musician.

In “Midnights,” Swift addresses rumors about her engagement to Joe Alwyn, and how she deals with Heartbreak. She also touches on what it’s like to be in the public eye, and how people can misconstrue your actions.

Swift’s fans are convinced that “Midnights” is a direct response to Mayer, and they’re convinced that he’s the one who ended things this time around. They believe that Swift is going after Mayer because he continues to date other women (like Katy Perry) despite his previous relationship with Swift.

Midnights (One Man Invasion Of Privacy)

Many Taylor Swift fans believe that the song “Midnights” is about John Mayer, and that she is addressing rumors about her engagement to Joe Alwyn in the lyrics. Some of the lyrics that have led to this belief are:

“And I can see you’re out of your mind / But I feel bad for the guy / That you left behind.”

This could be interpreted as Swift being critical of Mayer’s dating habits, and feeling bad for the women he has left behind.

“So if you’re looking for someone / To write your break-up songs about / Baby, I’m right here.”

This could be seen as a dig at Mayer’s track record of writing songs about his exes, including Swift.

“But now it’s twelve o’clock / And I’m in my PJs / Just flipping through TV stations.”

This could be interpreted as Swift being bored with her life and wanting some excitement, which she feels she can find with Mayer.


Swift has certainly been busy lately with the release of her new album, “Midnights.” And while many fans are loving the new music, there are some who believe that she is using it as a platform to address some of the rumors that have been swirling about her personal life. From John Mayer to engagement rumors, Swift seems to be setting the record straight with her new song. Whether you’re a fan of hers or not, you have to admire her ability to open up and share her thoughts so candidly.