Who is Samantha Nichole Robinson?

If you are wondering who samatha nichelle Robinson is, read on! This talented young lady is the daughter of a famous TV actor and is a voice actress. Her father also worked in the film industry. Although she is an aspiring star, she is still leading a normal family life. She can be found on social media, including Instagram, where she posts pictures of herself and her family.

samatha nichelle robinson is a voice actor

Samatha Nichelle Robinson is a voice actor and actress born in Cleveland, Ohio, United States. Her father, Bumper Robinson, is an actor. She was the youngest of his eight children. As a child, she was busy running through his house. Later, she starred in Marvel Super Heroes: Maximum Overload (2013,) as a voice actress.

Samatha Robinson’s father is Bumper Robinson, a film and television actor. She has two older siblings, and both of her parents are active in the entertainment industry. She also has an aunt named Lauren Robinson. Her mother, Kathrine Penton, married Larry C. Robinson in 2009, and they have three children together.

Samatha Nichelle Robinson is married to Bumper Robinson, an American voice actor. The two are raising their daughter together. Her estimated salary is around $4 million. She is also a singer. Robinson is a voice actor, singer, and musician.

Robinson is an actor with extensive experience in TV. She has portrayed many well-known characters, including Teen Titan, Scooby-Doo, and The Ghoul School. She is also known for movies such as A Different World, Bones, and The Games.

Samatha Nichelle Robinson has an estimated net worth of $4 million. She is married to Bumper Robinson and has a daughter named Samantha. Katherine and Bumper Robinson are not publicly visible, but they have a quiet private life.

Samatha’s mother, Katherine Penton, is an American, and they both share the same nationalism. The mother has no known net worth. Samatha’s father earned $5 million through his acting career and has worked as a voice actor since the ’80s. Currently, her job is undisclosed.

she is a singer

Samantha Nichole Robinson is a singer and songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee. She has been nominated for a Grammy for her album, Gold, released in 2012. Her debut single, “I Need a New Song,” reached the Billboard Mainstream Top 40. Robinson has a diverse background and is a talented performer.

she has a daughter

Samantha Nichole Robinson has a daughter. She is the daughter of Robert and Patricia Robinson. She is survived by her parents, nine sisters, and two brothers-in-law. She also has a niece and a nephew. They are also survived by a dog, named Sam.

her father is a famous TV actor

The father of Samantha Nichole Robinson is a well-known TV actor. The investigation is ongoing and the father of the missing TV star is facing a potential two-life sentence in prison. The case is considered a homicide. The case is being investigated by the police and FBI, which are now involved in the investigation.

her estimated net worth

Samantha Robinson is an American actress. She was born in New York City on October 19, 1991. She landed a role in the 2016 romantic comedy film The Love Witch. Since then, she has had several roles in movies and television shows. Some of her early credits include Dream Girl, Serenade of Sonnets, and Labyrinths. Her role in The Love Witch earned her a lot of praise. In fact, The New Yorker ranked her as one of the best actresses of 2016.

Samantha Robinson is a famous movie star who is worth a fortune. She has been ranked as one of the richest Movie Actresses in the world. Her net worth is estimated at $1.5 million to $10 million. The income she makes from her acting career is also substantial.

Robinson has enjoyed success in several different industries. She has appeared in several feature films, television series, and Broadway productions. She has also starred in several English dubs of animated movies. She is a popular voice artist, too. Despite her success in the entertainment industry, Robinson maintains a private life. She enjoys traveling and learning new things. She is represented by AHA Talent Ltd.