Who is Matthew Stafford’s wife? Meet Kelly Stafford, the inspirational wife of the Detroit Lions’ star. The two met at the University of Georgia, and their relationship has been long-standing. In March 2017, Kelly posted a photo of herself sporting a Wesleyan basketball jersey on social media. She gushed about the school’s basketball powerhouse. While the two are a perfect fit, their marriage is a work in progress, but they’re committed to making it work.

Matthew Stafford’s wife, Kelly, is an inspirational woman. She’s been married to the football player for over a decade, and has been a fixture in his life. She has defended him publicly on Twitter, and has a large following on Instagram. Despite the backlash, she’s continued to defend her husband. The couple married in 2008, and their daughter has three children.

Matthew Stafford’s wife, Kelly, has been named an inspiration in her husband’s career. The football star is a mother of twins, who have become internet stars. In July 2017, USA Today called the twins “Instagram stars.” Their father, Matt, has been a cheerleader for his family, and Kelly has posted a picture of them together on social media. Besides the twins, the couple also has a third son, Hunter.

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What is Matthew Stafford’s wife’s role in the marriage? During the last decade, Kelly Stafford has been the devoted wife of the NFL superstar. She’s the first wife of a player and the first mother of two young boys. She started a podcast called The Morning After. Since then, it’s been on the air for 19 episodes, and Kelly has discussed her relationship with Matthew and motherhood in detail. Even a “kringlegate” incident involving her and Matthew in November has been discussed.

While the famous footballer does not share too many details about his private life, the couple’s relationship is a strong one. The two are a perfect match and the marriage is full of love and happiness. The couple is a happy family. A loving spouse is a perfect match! If you’re wondering about the details of their relationship, read the podcast! You can get to know her on social media.

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Before she became a mom, Kelly Stafford was an active athlete. Before giving birth, she had a very active social media presence. Her profile motto says “family comes before everything else.” She also posts a video of herself and her babies, as well as posts photos of their three children. During the NFL season, she had the twins Sawyer and Chandler, and she and her husband are an inspirational couple.