Tom Hiddleston has vanished from Instagram since July 1 2020. He posted 4 pictures on same day. Concerning about Blacklivesmatter and COVID issues. His last post was about COVID issues in Africa.

Tom Hiddleston’s Last Post On Instagram

In Tom Hiddles last post on Instagram, he said:

“In Africa, our priority should be keeping people safe and getting the private sector back on its feet so we can get people back to work. The good news is that Africa’s private sector has been quite resilient. Many have changed their production facilities to produce hand sanitizer and PPE equipment, and have been able to pivot in these times of crisis.
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Most importantly, and the thing I’m most optimistic about, is the innovation we’re seeing. For example, a laboratory in Senegal is making testing accessible by producing one-dollar test kits that can give you results in 65 minutes. And the innovation we’re seeing in the technological space from Africa’s youth is amazing and refreshing and is key to recovering our global health and economies.

Join us in a coordinated global response to #COVID19. Demand action at @ONE #passthemic #oneworld

Tom Hiddleston is still showing up on Youtube. Some days ago a live interview was posted with Jimmy Kimmel. He was in London when he did this interview.

Tom Hiddlestons latest interview with Jimmy Kimmel on Jimmy Kimmel live YouTube Channel
Tom Hiddlestons latest interview with Jimmy Kimmel on Jimmy Kimmel live YouTube Channel

Tom Hiddleston is also not showing on Twitter:

Just like Instagram, Tom Hiddleston is not showing any kind of activity on Twitter. He did 3 tweets on 1st July 2020 and then vanished from social media.

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2 of those tweets were also about African Covid issues. In his last tweet, he said:

“I’m honoured to #PassTheMic to econ and development expert Dr. @Songwevera, the Executive Secretary of the United Nations @ECA_Official. She’s here to talk about #COVID19 in Africa and global economic recovery. Demand action at


Marvel’s Greatest Anti-Hero

According to resources, we got that he is a lot busy in working for his Loki Release. Tom Hiddleston has always been the actor that dives into the character of his role.

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This is what made him Marvel’s Greatest Anti-Hero. Marvelstudios posted on their Instagram account stating that: “Don’t miss his glorious return ✨ The first episode of Marvel Studios’ @OfficialLoki is now streaming on @DisneyPlus.