President Biden and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson are predicted to perpetrate on Thursday to functioning to start-up travel between the united states and the UK and raising constraints that were set in place to halt the spread of Covid-19, according to a source familiar with the matter.

Biden and Johnson are expected to announce a new travel task force that can explore options and make recommendations about the best way to safely restart international travel. The President is set to meet with Johnson on Thursday during his first overseas trip as President ahead of the Group of Seven summit being held in southwestern England.

National security adviser Jake Sullivan said Wednesday that the US has created two working groups of public health specialists — one using all the United Kingdom and only one together with all the European Union.

“The purpose of those working groups would be to discuss information and set both milestones and criteria to enable a reopening of traveling between both nations as swiftly as possible, consistent with public health guidance,” Sullivan told reporters aboard Air Force One.
Biden and Johnson are also expected on Thursday to agree to a new Atlantic Charter modeled on the historical declaration made by President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Prime Minister Winston Churchill in 1941 that place out British and American targets for the planet after the ending of World War II, according to Sullivan.

“There is going to be a refresher of the Atlantic Charter, that is now 80 years old, therefore there will be an updated statement of principles involving the USA and UK as free societies and free peoples speaking out about what we believe in the 21st century,” Sullivan told reporters.

The charter will summarize priorities, challenges, and values that have to protect democracy, reaffirming the significance of collective security, creating a more sustainable and fair international trading platform, combating cyberattacks, addressing the climate catastrophe, protecting biodiversity, and bringing an end to this coronavirus pandemic, according to the origin.

Biden and Johnson are also expected to consent to pursue a landmark bilateral technology agreement which will be signed annually, according to the source. The agreement will focus on reducing barriers British tech companies face when attempting to operate with their US counterparts.

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