What Evidence Suggests That the Milky Way Has Dark Matter

Many astronomers, and even some scientists claim that our galaxy is made up of nothing more than milky white space. They say that we don’t see anything that is really solid because the milky way contains a lot of “empty space” that is completely empty except for all the hydrogen and helium that make up stars and other kinds of gas. So how can this be so? Is there really something there that makes up stars and other gases in our universe? Have we done wrong when we claim that the Milky Way contains virtually nothing else but milky white space?


The truth is that what evidence suggests that the milky way contains dark matter is actually very old. Astronomy textbooks have been referring to it as “the nucleus of the solar system” since the time of astronomy’s greatest luminary star in the skies, Sirius. It was called “the Dog Star” because Sirius’ position gave it a high gravity, which is similar to the pull that an angry dog has over a child that is being tugged by a grown up. It got its name because of this high pressure at the solar equator, where it is located today.


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This evidence is actually found right next to the milky white disk. Yes, that dim, unshaped object that is visible to the naked eye is really there, and it is moving with a velocity much greater than the Earth’s rotation. It seems to be whirling away from the Sun at a great speed. That movement is what many scientists think is causing the effects that they are detecting.


Now, what evidence suggests that the milky way contains dark matter is not exactly clear. But, there is some suggestion that it might be. A recent study by a group of Italian scientists suggested that it might. In their study, they made a connection between the motion of this dark matter and the presence of dim, whirling stars at the tails of our own galaxy.


It seems that both the gas spiraling away from the black hole and the stars are heating up. The gas is heated to such a degree that it condenses into droplets. Some of these droplets have exactly the right composition to be made up of regular matter. If this was true, then it would mean that the density of this matter should be similar to the density of water (which is about twice as heavy).


But, this evidence doesn’t point in that direction. In fact, it points the other way. There is no connection between the motions of the gas and the stars. The study looked only at the effects of the gas on electrons spinning near a magnet. That’s all it did.


There are many theories out there as to what evidence suggests that the milky way contains dark matter. We may never find out, for sure. But there is something to think about when it comes to answering the question, what evidence suggests that the milky way contains dark matter.


One possibility is that we don’t know how to observe the gases and the stars properly. Some scientists believe that it is best to use telescopes. Others think that we need to use space travel to travel through space and look for what we’re looking for. We might even be looking at dark matter that is extremely heavy, or very cold. It might be floating around, waiting to be seen.


Another possibility is that we see such particles when they are speeding away from us. They move faster than the speed of light, so they are very faint. We can actually detect them with the right equipment. If what evidence suggests that the milky way contains dark matter is true, we would see it shining in the sky. And if it were really bright, it would show up as a dot, just like a Very Bright Star.


Now, this whole thing sounds pretty complicated, doesn’t it? If you want to understand what evidence suggests that the milky way contains dark matter, you should think about it in terms of what you see in the night sky. You see many different stars during the night. There are thousands of them, and many of them will shine through the milky way at different times.


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This means that if you have a very powerful instrument for finding out if something is there, you should be able to use it on the milky way. A telescope or a spy satellite should do it, but you haven’t heard of them yet. They have been projects that have long been planned but never got off the ground. Perhaps you’d like to know what evidence suggests that the milky way contains this gas? Then try one of the ideas above.