If you dive into the Pacific Ocean for long enough and you could see an odd sight of a huge jellyfish that resembles something from a science-fiction film or an album cover with psychedelic design. This is Cyanea Nozakii also often referred to as the phantom jellyfish (or ghost jellyfish).

By looking at its unique bell, you can see the place where the name is derived from, although ghosts generally aren’t associated with arms that extend over 30 feet. They also function as the creature’s mouth. We’re actually in the mouth arm region in this instance. It’s a bizarre idea.

A new report on Gizmodo informs us that scientists have got a rare chance regarding the jellyfish at issue. A remotely controlled underwater vehicle operated by researchers from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (or MBARI) recently came across a jellyfish within the Gulf of California.

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A camera mounted to the automobile, referred to as Doc Ricketts — there’s a pause here to allow John Steinbeck fans to nod in approval captured footage of the movements of a fish that was living in symbiosis with jellyfish. In addition, it recorded the eerie motions that the ghost jellyfish makes inside the natural environment.

Gizmodo’s article provides a different view on the relative invisibility of the Phantom jellyfish. MBARI has conducted numerous expeditions into the sea using underwater vehicles, but this is the only ninth time they’ve come in contact with the phantom jellyfish.