What Evidence Suggests That Most of the Air Around Us is Made of Dark Matter?

If someone asks you, “what is dark matter and what is dark energy” then I can almost guarantee you that you will get both answers. This is because even with the best and most sophisticated equipment on the planet we still cannot see it with the naked eye. What we have is infrared images taken by satellites, radio emissions from distant exploding stars and by studying what happens in the atmospheres of those stars, comets and planets.


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There are also some particle scientists who believe that most of the milky way consists of something that vibrates. It could be a neutrally charged cloud, a neutral one or even something that is slightly alkaline like water. But, they still have not found it. There is not one bit of solid evidence to prove their theory. Yet, there are a lot of theories that suggest what is dark matter and what is dark energy and just cannot agree on which is correct.

Some folks claim that it is made out of plasma stars. While, some think that it is something completely different, like hydrogen atoms in a plasma cloud. No one has been able to make a definitive claim as to what is dark matter or what is dark energy. After all, if it were just composed of ordinary atoms, we would have seen it with our naked eyes.


If you take a look at what is in the sky, you will find that most of it consists of cold, icy particles. Yet, what is dark matter and what is dark energy is also comprised of high-energy particles. So, if you take a look at the milky way, you will see that there are many voids that appear, even though there are many stars. These voids, which are what is known as milky way nebulae, hold H-bombs which, when colliding with other low-mass stars, give off gamma rays.

Now, when looking at what is dark matter, what is really happening is that our space-time continuum is distorted. What most people call dark matter is really plasma, atoms, and high-energy particles. When these particles get together, they can push against each other and cause a slight push against the speed of the space-time continuum. This slight push leads to what is dark matter made of. Many people who study this question feel that gravity plays a large part in the creation of this effect, but others think that it is due to something that has passed by our galaxy.

The question of what is dark matter is important, but what is more important is what is going on in our solar system. The evidence that many scientists have found when looking at the effects of black holes is that matter spirals inward, pushing against the pull of the solar wind. This effect has been felt throughout the history of the universe, and is something that we are all familiar with. However, what is dark matter made of is much more exotic. For example, billions of sunflowers have been discovered to exist in clusters that cannot be explained by any scientific means. If you have ever looked at the stars, you may have noticed that the light they give off is dim.

One of the reasons that scientists are interested in what is dark matter is because it poses such a problem for modern technology. When we use satellite photos to study our moon, we see that it is quite different from what is expected. We do not see any rings or craters on it, nor do we see any shadow. This provides scientists with a new way to study our solar system and obtain more knowledge about how it functions.


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If what is dark matter made of can be seen from Earth, then we will have a great way to learn more about our place in the universe. This will allow us to better understand the relationship between our atmosphere and the space around us. In addition to this, it will allow us to find other celestial bodies that we may not have spotted through previous means. There are many mysteries in the universe, and through using new technology, we are only able to study them deeper.