Victoria Beckham has as of late answered the remark about “severe eating regimen” in another meeting a very long time after her hubby David Beckham talked about her dietary patterns recently.

“Discuss making me sound exhausting!” remarked the previous individual from the Spice Girls remarked in the meeting with Vogue Australia, as per Insider
She explained, “What he implied is that he’s never met anybody who’s more focused with the way that they eat.”

“I’m very outrageous in anything I do, regardless of whether it’s eating or working or drinking,” uncovered Victoria.

While enrolling her food, the style planner made sense of, “I eat bunches of sound fat: fish, avocado, nuts, something like that, and furthermore routinely drinks liquor, except if I have motivation not to.”

She likewise examined about her gym routine which included “Pilates, uphill sudden spikes in demand for a treadmill and extreme weight meetings”.

In February, David referenced that he is hitched to somebody who has eaten “exactly the same thing throughout the previous 25 years”.

“Since I met Victoria, she just eats barbecued fish, steamed vegetables. She will seldom go amiss away from that point,” he unveiled.

The previous footballer referenced the main time his better half at any point shared something that has been on his plate was “the point at which she was pregnant with Harper, and it was the most astounding thing”.

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