Usia Kehamilan Aman Dapat Vaksin Covid-19 Menurut Dokter

Pregnant Women one of the most vulnerable to the dangers of the Covad-19virus. The Indonesian Obstetrics and Gynecology Association (POGI), also recommended that pregnant women be given the Covid-19 vaccine.

This is due to a rise in Covid-19-positive pregnant women with worse symptoms.

“We, as a professional organization, refer to study data, analogies on vaccines and recommend the Covid-19 vaccination for pregnant women under the supervision of a physician,” Budi Wiweko, Secretary-General of POGI Central Executive, said in an online conference on Friday (2/7).

POGI recommends that pregnant women get more vaccinations, particularly in high-risk groups like those over 35 who have a higher body mass (BMI) than 40 and suffer from comorbid diabetes or hypertension.

He said that the delta variant is particularly dangerous because it causes pregnant women to be more vulnerable, and more likely to die.

Budi, also known as Prof Iko, stated that Covid-19 vaccinations can be given to pregnant women. This will protect the fetus.

He explained that the antibodies from the mother could be transmitted to the fetus by the placenta.

POGI also revealed that pregnant women should be vaccinated at 33 weeks gestation so that antibodies can form and protect against the SARS virus.

Vaccination for pregnant women can be started as early as 12 weeks into pregnancy.

This is to prevent risks from organogenesis, the process by which body organs are formed in the fetus.

He said, “We recommend giving vaccine after 12 weeks gestation. It aims to prevent problems in the organogenesis processes although research has not shown any problems in organ formation after the birth of the baby after vaccination.”

Professor Iko says that the administration of the vaccine is the same for all groups, regardless of the type or dose. The same applies to the handling of Post-Immunization Adverse Events.

He said that AEFI was the most common type of pain in pregnant women, according to a UK study from March 2021.

According to the records of the POGI Reproductive Tissue Infection Working Group, and other POGI branches there were 536 cases in which pregnant women were infected by the corona virus that causes Covid-19 between April 2020 and April 2021.

Prof Iko stated in a previous statement that 72 percent of Covid-19 patients are above 37 weeks gestational age.

POGI also took into consideration the fact that there were so many mutations of SARS-CoV-2 viruses in Indonesia and urged the government to increase the number of vaccination targets for pregnant women. Budi stated that pregnant women need to have health assurance and protection.

In a statement by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Prof. Iko said that she once spoke about the importance to prioritize pregnant women when handling Covid-19. According to the CDC, pregnant women will have more severe symptoms than those who aren’t pregnant. Women who are pregnant will require intensive care in hospitals, ventilators, and other medical aids.

He said that the delta variant is particularly dangerous because it causes pregnant women to be more vulnerable, and more likely to die.

Prof Iko stated that there has not been any scientific evidence to support the claims of the effectiveness or dangers of Covid-19 vaccinations administered to pregnant women. He said that the effectiveness or efficacy of the vaccine should not be affected by pregnancy.

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Through the Decree of Director General of Disease Prevention and Control of Ministry of Health No. HK