British PM invites citizens to live together with Corona

Prime Minister of Britain?Boris JohnsonAsking residents to get along started to help them to live with each other.virus corona(Covid-19).

Johnson made this statement ahead of plans to reduce movement restrictions caused by the pandemic. This includes lifting the lockdown.

According to AFP, Johnson stated that “Today” was the day when he would outline how he could restore freedom for the people.

Johnson stated that although restrictions will be eased in the near future the pandemic has not ended. Johnson stressed that citizens must “learn to live with the virus” and be prepared “while they continue living their lives”.

Johnson originally had planned to open borders again and remove all restrictions on movement by June 21. Due to the increased spread of the Delta virus, which is more contagious than the coronavirus, Johnson’s plans were thwarted.

The UK has seen the new coronavirus mutation spread from India to dominate new Covid-19 cases.

Johnson will speak today at a press conference about plans to relax the lockdown. Sajid Javid (Britain’s Health Minister) will speak to parliament about plans to reduce pandemic restrictions.

The UK plans to eliminate the need for masks during pandemics, in addition to the lockdown.

Robert Jenrick, UK Housing Secretary, stated that wearing a mask is a personal choice.

Jenrick said that “This will be an entirely new phase in which citizens can make their own decisions and not have the government tell them what to do.” He spoke on Sunday (4/7)

Jenrick stated that he will no longer wear masks in the UK if it is not required by health protocols.

“I would. “I would.

Johnson’s extreme policies regarding mask use have been sharply criticized by a number of experts and academics.

Stephen Reicher is a professor of socio psychology at the University of Saint Andrews in Scotland. He believes that the decision to not require the use of masks was selfish.

Reicher stated, “It’s frightening to have officials who want all forms of protection to be a personal choice when there is no key to this pandemic being’me’ or ‘us’.”

He added, “Your behavior has an impact on my health.”

The UK remains one of Europe’s countries with the highest coronavirus deaths and cases. More than 128,000 people have died from Covid-19 in the UK.

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According to the British Prime Minister’s Office, recent coronavirus transmission trends suggest that infection rates will continue to rise if restrictions are lifted. Vaccinations will help to reduce the number of deaths and hospitalizations caused by Covid-19.

In December 2020, the UK was the first country to begin vaccinating against the coronavirus. So far, 64 percent of the UK’s adult population has completed the vaccination process.