Ukraine decides to close its airspace to Belarusian planes

From the statement, it had been noted that the Ukrainian Ministry of Infrastructure, the State Aviation Authority along with the Allied Air Traffic Authority were tasked with executing the decision to close Ukrainian airspace to Belarusian aircraft as of May 29. Ukraine stopped its flights together with Belarus as of May 26, mentioning the emergency landing of Ryanair’s passenger airplane on the Athens-Vilnius flight, also banned Allied aircraft from flying in Belarusian airspace.

Passenger plane from Greece into Lithuania was landed in MinskRyanair’s plane, carrying 123 passengers from Greece into Lithuania, made an emergency landing while at Belarusian airspace, together with the allegation of a bomb report.

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Roman Protasevic, the creator of a social media account and former editor-in-chief, who was one of the passengers to the airplane landed in Minsk, the capital of Belarus and desired for alleged involvement in terrorist events, was detained.

As a result of the searches, it had been recorded that the bomb report was unfounded; Following the necessary checks, the airplane left Minsk Airport and landed at Vilnius.