Bangladesh drops’except Israel’ clause out of its e-passport in a time when Israel is censured worldwide because of its strikes in Gaza.

A decision by the authorities of Bangladesh to eliminate a clause from the e-passport that resisted its nationals from seeing Israel has given birth to speculation that the nation may be seeking to normalise ties with Israel.

The move to eliminate the”except Israel” clause out of the e-passport has stunned people from the South Asian nation of 160 million, so several questioning the conclusion which arrives in a time when hundreds of Palestinians have been killed in the Israeli bombing of the Gaza Strip.

Six months ago, once the South Asian state rolled out its own new e-passport, the”except Israel” term was removed with no public statement.

Bangladesh was the first country in South Asia and also 119th in the world to present the e-passport — a travel record which has a tiny integrated circuit, or”processor”, embedded in the pages or cover — in January this past year.

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“Good news! Bangladesh has eliminated a travel ban on Israel. That is a welcome measure and I call on the Bangladeshi authorities to proceed and establish diplomatic ties with Israel so both our individuals could benefit and flourish,” he tweeted.