After the chaotic scenes Monday, when thousands of Afghans tried to get onto Kabul’s planes following the Taliban takeover of Kabul, the airport seems calmer.

A White House official stated that civilian and military flight have resumed, with over 700 people having been evacuated in the last 24 hours.


German defense officials stated that the Taliban have closed off the airport and only allow international personnel through. Officials warned that tensions could rise as more evacuation flights take place.

Meanwhile, Taliban officials said on Tuesday they will allow women to work in government roles under certain conditions, a shift on a topic that will help determine whether the U.S. and its allies officially recognize its authority in the country.

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According to the Air Force, it is looking into reports that Afghans fell from a C-17 leaving Kabul’s chaotic airport on Monday. It also confirmed the discovery of human remains inside the aircraft’s wheel shortly after landing in Qatar.

The Air Force’s Office of Special Investigations (AFSI) will conduct the investigation. –Travis Tritten, Anthony Capaccio