Gov. According to his office, Greg Abbott was positive for COVID-19 Tuesday.

According to Mark Miner, Abbott’s spokesman, the Republican leader was fully vaccinated. He also tested positive for a monoclonal antibody treatment. Miner stated that Abbott is currently receiving Regeneron’s monoclonal anti-body treatment at the Governor’s Mansion.

Miner stated that Governor Abbott was in constant contact with his staff, agency heads and government officials in order to ensure that the state government continues to function smoothly and efficiently. “Everyone with whom the Governor has been in close communication today has been notified.”

Abbott spoke at an event in Collin County one day before he tested positive. He was photographed shaking hands with the unmasked crowd and taking pictures.

On Twitter, Abbott described the event as standing room only and thanked participants for an “enthusiastic reception.”

Three hours before sharing the news of his positive coronavirus test, Abbott posted a photo of himself and musician Jimmie Vaughan on Twitter.

He wrote, “Honor to Meet with (Vaughan), — brother of Stevie Ray Vaughan as well as a legendary Texas musician in its own right,”

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Abbott’s diagnosis comes at a time when coronavirus infections continue to rise in the state and hospitalizations are on the rise. Abbott’s response to the recent pandemic surge has been criticized. He refused to allow local governments or school districts to impose vaccination mandates.

Many of the larger cities and counties in the state have ignored the ban, especially for public schools where attendance is mandatory but children younger than 12 cannot get the COVID-19 vaccine.