Change is not easy and Twitter users don’t hesitate to complain. Those two truisms combined on Wednesday when Twitter unveiled a new design, which included a new font, called Chirp, and higher-contrast colors. Users began complaining almost immediately. Many said the new font caused headaches. (This writer is also getting them.)

Twitter representatives didn’t respond immediately to a request for comment about whether participants in focus groups or tests complained of headaches.

Poor Twitter employee, who was forced to clamber onto the platform. Now, try to explain why these changes are better because, even if they were beneficial, nobody wants them.

Twitter Design tweeted, “Today we released some changes to how Twitter looks on the internet and on your smartphone.” These updates are more accessible, unique and focused on you and what your talking about, even though it may feel strange at first.

The new typeface, Chirp

Twitter’s Derrit deRouen wrote a whole thread on why the company felt the need to create its own typeface. He stated that it was necessary for “everyday use” and needed to be legible and sharp (with good density), as well as having personality and uniqueness.

Some found Chirp more difficult to read.

One Twitter user said, “PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LET US MODIFY THE FONT BACK.” It’s extremely difficult for me to read and physically painful to look at.

Another said, “It seems like the letters do the wave, it’s horrible.”

Get over the aspirin

Many Twitter users agreed with this statement: The new font gives them headaches.

One user wrote, “The new Twitter font has cured me of my addiction to the bird app. I can’t scroll now without getting headaches.”

One person said, “Read tweets using Twitter’s new font and get headaches.” You might close your eyes in frustration, and then you may fall asleep.

Color my world

The site’s color scheme was also changed. The Follow buttons now appear in black in regular mode and white in dark mode. Previously, users had the option to choose from many colors.

The site’s design account stated that the new buttons have high contrast. The most important actions that you can take now stand out. Although the buttons are different from each other, they will help you quickly see which actions you have taken.

Some users were not fans. One user said, “The new black buttons for following someone make me feel like i’m about to curse them with this newfound presence, which i guess, is accurate.”

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Is it too late to go back?

Twitter users have been making jokes, and some of them are hilarious.

One person wrote, “Twitter is now your domestic partner.” They say, “Honey, do you notice any difference?” “I’ve been working all day organizing all your stuff, don’t be mad. You will love it!”

Some users also pointed out that Twitter should have other options if it felt the need to make some changes. One user said, “I am still looking for the edit function.”