After Tucker Carlson was called “the worst human being known”, a video of a Montanan man confronting him is widely circulated on social media.

The video posted Friday shows Dan Bailey talking closely to Carlson inside a Montana fly fishing shop. The video shows Carlson saying “I appreciate that” as well as “I’m going to disagree.”

Bailey posted the video on social media, accusing Carlson of spreading misinformation regarding COVID-19 vaccinations as well as supporting extreme racism.

Fox News spokesperson stated that Bailey had entrapped the host of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” while he was shopping in Livingston with his family. He called it “inexcusable.”

The statement states that “no public figure should be accosted, regardless of their political convictions or beliefs, simply because they are intolerance to another point of view.”

On his program, Carlson has repeatedly questioned the COVID-19 vaccine, even as other Fox News hosts have recently encouraged viewers to get vaccinated. Carlson has never answered the question “Is he vaccinated?”

He did however state last week that “we are not saying there’s no benefit to the vaccination.” … We have never advised anyone to get the vaccine. We are not doctors, however.

According to the fly fishing shop where the confrontation took place, workers treated all customers equally and respectfully.

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Dan Bailey’s Outdoor Company stated on its Facebook page that “our staff was professional, cordial to Mr. Carlson as we are with every of our customers.”

The shop stated that while they share a common name, the man who uploaded the video that has been viewed millions upon millions of times “has not affiliation with our business, except to share the same name and our founder who died in 1982.”