Former President Donald Trump After a near bankruptcy, the namesake company expects to face criminal charges within the next week.Two-year investigation Sources familiar with the matter informed daily reuters that the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office had received reports.

Prosecutors told the Trump Organization’s attorneys Thursday that they expect to bring charges for fringe benefits given to certain employees over a number of years. These fringe benefits could include cars, apartments, and school tuition.

“In my 50-years of practice, I have never seen the District Attorney’s Office target any company over employee compensation and fringe benefits,” Ronald Fishchetti (an attorney for Trump Organization) stated to ABC News in a statement. “The IRS has never brought a case similar to this. Even financial institutions that caused the 2008 financial crisis, the worst since the Great Depression, weren’t prosecuted.

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Sources said that Allen Weisselberg, Trump Organization’s CFO, could be indicted if a grand juror is convinced that he failed to properly account for any benefits received.

Trump denied any wrongdoing, and dismissed the investigation as politically motivated. He called it “a continuation to the greatest Witch Hunt in American History.”