The Republican Party raised $56 million online in the first half 2021 thanks to Donald Trump, an ex-president. This is a clear indication of Trump’s continued dominance within his party.

Trump assisted the GOP to raise the significant sum between January 1st and June 30, as disclosed in filings by the campaign on Friday

According to federal records, the former president raised more money through WinRed than any Republican, the GOP’s fundraising platform launched in 2019 to combat ActBlue, the highly successful Democratic platform.

Since ActBlue’s founding in 2004, nearly $8.9 billion has been raised on the platform for Democratic and Democratic-aligned candidates.

Trump’s fundraising haul included $34.3 million through a shared account with Republican National Committee (RNC), also known as Trump Make America Great Again Committee. According to The Times, A recurring donation program was where donors made regular payments to generate a large portion of the money that the committee raised.

A Times investigation from April revealed how the program caused a series of fraud complaints and refund requests, due to many respondents unintentionally signing up for recurring payments. According to a source familiar with the situation, the GOP has stopped withdrawing funds as of July according to The Times.

He also raised over $21 million, which he funneled to two political action committees (PACs), that he supervises.

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Trump’s fundraising slowed as the months passed by; after the January 6 Capitol riot and during his second impeachment trial in February, he raised $13.8 million, but that number had declined to $2.6 million by June.

The second-most dominant fundraiser was Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina, a potential 2024 presidential contender who gave the GOP response to President Joe Biden’s first joint address to Congress in late April. He raised $7.8 Million online.