Trevor Noah has as of late attacked Ripley for the “huge harm” done to the notable Marilyn Monroe’s dress that Kim Kardashian wore it to Met Gala last month.

“It was they who loaned the dress to Kim,” remarked Trevor during most recent episode of The Daily Show.
He proceeded, “Kim clearly faced a major challenge and it blew up, be that as it may, Ripley’s actually merits a large portion of the fault as they own the dress and responsible for safeguarding it. Thus, assuming they told her wearing it, that is on them was alright.”

In the interim, the late night have didn’t leave Kim beside his correspond and commented Kim ought to have utilized “better judgment”.

“The Marilyn Monroe dress is a stand-out piece of American history,” he said.

“The Met Gala happens consistently. Individuals dress like cheeseburgers there. You might have worn anything more,” he joked.

Trevor proceeded, “In the event that you are depended with a piece of American history, you better give your best for deal with it.”

Notwithstanding, Trevor conceded that he figured out the allurement.

“On the off chance that the Louver called me and they said I could kiss the Mona Lisa for a selfie, I would make it happen,” he tongue in cheek added.

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