Toshiba president fired by activists shareholders

It appears that the move was made after . Toshiba Partner With the Japanese government To suppress foreign investors’ interests. According to Daily Reuters, Many people will be happy with the outcome of the general assembly Japan marks a critical moment in corporate governance A few months after the death of Toshiba activist shareholders ,voted for the government and won an investigation in to allegations of pressure on its shareholders. overseas.

Toshiba shares rose1.7% at the Tokyo Stock Exchange After the vote

The CEO of Toshiba was present before the decision. Satoshi Tsounakaoua The former head was removed and he took office recently. Nompouaki KouroumataniPositively assesses Nagkagiama’s handling of the crisisThe President of the Board of Directors was given a vote of confidence. However, the shareholders were not convinced enough was done to address the serious allegations made against the company.

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