Gaming Chairs

The e-sports industry in China is the biggest in the world. The firm has been associated with some of China’s most successful esports organizations and competitions since 2016. Around the year 2022, Autofull expanded its western offerings to include a wide variety of custom gaming seats. All models of the Autofull gaming chair is evaluated in this in-depth evaluation. The firm of dhgate top salers provided both high-end and budget options for large and tall customers. When the seating was updated in 2021, the high-end seats were taken off the market. The new and improved product range from Autofull is thus entirely dedicated to low-priced, high-quality gaming chairs aimed at the general public.

Commentary on the Autofull 2022 Set

The chairs are available for purchase on both and Amazon. Its lineup now consists of five different types of vehicles. All models are compared here, starting with the priciest and working our way down to the most affordable.

Chairs with LPL Footrests

As of the year 2020, Autofull has been the LPL’s official chair partner. The LPL, or League of Legends Pro Leagues, employ seats identical to those offered by Autofull in their 2022 version. To qualify for the World Championships, five of China’s greatest teams play annually in the LPL.

The LPL Chair Specifications

Although it originates from the LPL lineage and is so expensive, this chair has prosumer characteristics. All of our chairs include normal tilt and 3D armrests. That translates to a rocking chair that can’t be locked in any certain position.

Bunny chair, in pink (cute bunny ears)

Ever since 2018, this chair has been one of Asia’s best-selling items. They have only recently been accessible to consumers in the United States and Europe. The Pink Bunny Autofill has a soft pink and white color design. It’s got some good specs, but what sets it apart from the competition is the included rabbit cosplay accessories.

The rabbit ears that come with each chair may either be worn by the user or attached to the chair itself. In addition, the chair comes with a fluffy rabbit tail that can be attached to the back.

Automatically Defeated Footrest Gamer’s Chair

The newest offering from Autofull is an innovative line of gaming chairs with footrests. The chairs’ PU leather upholstery comes in five fashionable colors: black, red, blue, brown, and grey.

Determine the requirements for a winning chair

They share the same set of features as other Autofull versions. The optional footrest extension and increased lying flat are nice touches.

Overview of the Conquer Gaming Chair

Autofull’s version is competitive with other gaming chairs that have a footrest. It costs a little more than similar products on the market, however, there are discounts available. One striking feature is the unmistakably contemporary design. Two, there is the unbeatable three-year guarantee offered by Autofull.


Fully-Automated Automotive Services Sales in the US, EU, and UK. Prices start at $149 for the least expensive option. Each chair in our extensive collection is covered by a three-year guarantee. As a bonus, shipping is on the house for chairs anywhere in the world.