Top Black Female R&B Singers to Watch in 2022

The following are the Top 15 Black female R&B singers in the world. These artists have not only excelled in the past, but they have also become hugely popular over the years. Here are five of them: Mary J. Blige, Justine Skye, Keyshia Cole, Sam Smith, and Ciara. While you may recognize some of them from their past music, you may not know their names yet.


Top Black female RB singers 2022

Aaliyah is one of the most prolific artists in the world. She helped create the genre of R&B by blending her classical voice with hip-hop beats. Her constant pushing to improve herself made her image and sound constantly evolve. She has tremendous star power, which makes her one of the Top Black female R&B singers in the world. Inayah is one of the Top 5 Black female R&B singers to watch in 2022.

Angie Stone:

This UK-based singer is making waves in the music industry. She has become an important figure in the music industry, with her single “Buzzin” featuring Nas. Angie Stone is a soul singer who recently won a Grammy award for her performance on R&B Divas Atlanta. She is also a member of the group Soul Divas Atlanta and was featured on the hit reality show.

Dee Gatti:

The Houston-based artist was raised in a single-parent household and relied on family and friends to survive. Her lyrics portray everyday struggles and the joys of being queer. She has been compared to Kaash Paige and Summer Walker. Her latest album “Just Called To Say” is one of the Top Black female R&B singers to watch in 2022.

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The Houston-based artist rose to fame after her breakout single “Say So.” Her newest album, Planet Her, earned more accolades. She has recorded songs in numerous genres, including rap, R&B, and rap. As of this writing, LaBelle’s solo career has been a big success in the world of music. Her songwriting has touched the hearts of fans worldwide.

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Megan Thee Stallion:

Another Grammy-winning singer, Megan Lede is an R&B sensation from Los Angeles. She signed with J.Cole’s Dreamville label in the early 2000s and has been building her career ever since. Her catalog includes albums such as “Ex,” “Petya,” and “Kiki.” Despite her young age, her talent has already been recognized around the world.