Top 10 Best Female R&B Artists in 2019

Regardless of the genre, R&B has gained massive popularity in recent years. This list of the Top 10 Best Female R&B Artists is made up of young acts and mainstream stars. Here are some of our favorites: Ella Mai, Faith Evans, Keyshia Cole, Sam Smith, and Jazmine Sullivan. The former has a stellar career in R&B, with her debut album “Boo’d Up” reaching number one on the UK iTunes charts.

Ann Marie is a Chicago native who began her career by making short YouTube clips and has since become a household name. Likewise, Snoh Aalegra hails from Europe and is a Top Female R&B Artist. She initially went by the stage name Sheri but has since rebranded herself as a global phenomenon. She’s worked with Common, Vince Staples, Logic, Tyler the Creator, and Pharrell to name a few.

Patti LaBelle is another popular name among female R&B artists. Her signature voice and soulful delivery helped create a new genre of music. She is a multi-talented vocalist who can write, record, and produce her own music. She also has the ability to make a killer dance routine. And because she has star power, she’s sure to be a major hit.


Aaliyah is an up-and-coming artist. She first rose to fame as a member of boy group B2K in the early 2000s, but it’s only been recent that she’s broken through as a solo female R&B artist. She has since released her single “Sail Out” in 2013, which has become a huge hit. Her single “Still Over It” has gained her acclaim as a star.

Beyonce has been a mainstay in the R&B scene for decades. She is now one of the most popular singers in the genre, despite being a relatively newcomer. But there are also many well-known female singers who were previously unknown. The genre has become a massive global phenomenon in recent years, and a long list of the Top 10 Best Female R&B Artists will showcase them to the world.

Aaliyah has been making moves since the mid-2000s. She began as a dancer and later appeared in music videos for Jay-Z and Beyonce. She was backed by Pharrell and released her debut album, From a Planet Called Harlem, in 2009. Aaliyah later linked with Kanye West, a hip-hop icon, and became a star.

The list of Top Female R&B Artists starts with Mariah Carey. Her debut album, “Nocturnal,” features a medley of songs by the pop star. Her career has evolved from humble beginnings as a young Chicago girl, but she now has a worldwide fan base thanks to her songs and collaborations. Currently, she is the most successful female R&B artist of all time, and her debut EP is titled Jaguar.

Aaliyah is a six-time Grammy nominee and has a global fan base. She started out as a YouTube sensation and has since released her debut album, “No More Tears,” and is featured on the reality series “R&B Divas Atlanta.” Other notable female R&B artists include Sabrina Claudio, Jorja Smith, and Logic. She has worked with Pharrell and Common.

The Top 10 Best Female R&B Artists list is diverse, and there is no shortage of talented women in the genre. A list of the Top ten female R&B artists of 2020 is sure to be an excellent guide for fans. There are plenty of other talented female singers, but these are just a few of the most popular. While some of these artists are rising stars, others are more established and have been around for a long time.

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Alicia Keys is another top-rated female R&B artist. She has won nine Grammy awards. Her father, Nat King Cole, was one of the greatest male entertainers of the 1950s. Natalie began her career by singing gospel at church. As a teenager, she became a backup vocalist for other musicians. She became the first black woman to grace the cover of Seventeen Magazine. Her success in the genre led to her breakthrough in the 1990s.