A Small chick is blessed to be alive after it had been discovered drifting on a highway past week

An eagle-eyed driver seen the 3-week-old, 3-ounce chick, currently called”Peanut,” alongside Route 1 in Saugus on April 29.

“It amazes us that he was not hit by a vehicle, especially since he is almost impossible to spot from behind the wheel,” explained MSPCA at Nevins Farm Equine and Farm Animal Supervisor Rachel Diersen.

The motorist scooped the chick and introduced it to the MSPCA’s Boston adoption center in Jamaica Plain, and it had been hauled into Nevins Farm.

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Diersen does not have any idea how Peanut might have ended up on the highway.

“He might have gotten lost, he might have been left –we will not ever know for certain,” she explained.

Peanut combined five additional surrendered girls and 15 adult hens at Nevins.

It is not uncommon for Nevins Farm to Be Given a Substantial number of hens throughout summer and spring, as both novice and seasoned poultry owners contemplate beginning or expanding a garden float, the MSPCA Stated