Kelly Strubing and also her husband’s family were watching TV from the living area on Saturday when Strubing’s son, Dorian, peacefully called,”Help.”

Strubing told they discovered Dorian squatting within the barrel. Every time a family member tried to lift him outside, Dorian explained it hurt. Strubing then chose to push Dorian into the emergency room where the team was fascinated by the circumstance.

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“It felt as though we had the entire emergency room working on Dorian,” Strubing explained. “It is safe to say they had not seen anything like that before.”

X-rays were shot to analyze Dorian’s knees, shoulders and feet were but following the team could not catch him outside, the Portland Fire Department was called for assistance.

Strubing stated the firefighters originally wished to use the Jaws of Life to remove himbut they could not locate a secure grip on the barrel.