The remains are estimated to be worth $11,000

The ashes of a fashion blogger who died were stolen and were almost offered to the price of a “ghost wedding,” weeks after she ended her life via livestreaming using China’s own version of TikTok.

The woman, who goes by the screen name of Luoxiaomaomaozi pulled out a bottle of pesticide and was expressing suicidal thoughts during a livestream of short-video application Douyin during October. She was able to drink a little and viewers cheered her on, as per Chinese press reports.

She died shortly after being transported to a hospital after the video. In her final video, uploaded on Oct. 14th, she stated that she was suffering depressive symptoms , and the video could be her final.

The body was later buried in a remote area in Shandong province. The tragedy took on an unexpected turn last week when local media revealed that her ashes were taken by a staff member of the crematorium and given to a family that was not related to her for an unrelated “ghost marriage.”

This custom is very popular in certain parts of rural China where people hold weddings for relatives who have died particularly single males, in hopes that they’ll be blessed with happy families in the next world.

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Three suspects have been arrested in connection to the theft of livestreamer’s cremated remains. The source said that the ashes may be worth between 50,000 and 75,000 Chinese dollars ($7,800 or $11,000). A wife of one man claimed they didn’t sell the ashes when discussions with a potential buyer failed.

The experience of a livestreamer has led to an online protest. Many online users have expressed their displeasure at the alleged sexual abuse of women that goes to the point of death.

“If anyone talks again about women not being able to get married at an older age, I’ll tell them women would get wedded in ghost marriages even after they die,” someone wrote on microblogging website Weibo.