A video posted by ‘Royal Pythons” on Instagram shows a cobra with a black neck drinking water from the glass

The web is full of strange and unique images and videos that feature exotic animals or strange food-related combinations. Snake videos have always fascinated us since the reptile’s majestic appearance creates the viewer with awe and terror, some videos leave us stunned by the stunning beauty of the animal.

A video posted on Instagram under the handle “Royal Pythons” shows a black cobra sipping water from the glass. The video shows a person holding a glass and a black cobra lowering its head and sip the water.

The video was captionedwith “This is awesome! Thirsty Black-necked Spitting Cobra .” It has received 1,25,155 impressions on Instagram.

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The video’s 44-second duration left viewers awestruck. They described the clip as “amazing”. A user also wrote “Who knew watching snakes drink water could be a relaxing thing to watch”, another said, “Beautiful animal and amazingly calm and confident.”