TikToker claims that theatre employees can see all of what you do in the theater.

TikTok made a viral video of a staff member of a movie theatre after they revealed a fact that most of us didn’t know: They can see everything in our seats.

On-screen caption read, “When people come to the movie having their sly link. On the screen were multiple views of the interiors of the theaters.

The video shows the woman wearing an orange Vue Theaters cap and shifting her gaze to the security camera footage. The caption of the video stated that “We see all!”

Another employee stated that they use night-vision goggles, and had “seen everything” in the comments. Many users voiced concern in the comments section. They stated that they were more worried about the personnel watching what they eat.

One person replied, “So y’all witness me remove all my fridge from my backpack.” Another joked that he had smuggled a large pizza into a theater.

Others joked about how staff might have viewed it as unacceptable.

One user laughed and said, “Imma charge y’all for all the content I made there.”

A person claiming to be an ex employee of AMC stated in October that they don’t mind patrons bringing their own food into the theater.

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The video has more than 1.1 million views. A woman stated that she used to work as a cinema attendant at AMC and that customers can bring in their own food.

She says that “we legally cannot stop you from bringing your food into the theater.” Many people expressed opposing views in the comments. Some claimed that this was false and others shared their own experiences.

One user wrote that he had Postmate’d meals at AMC during a movie. “They don’t care a damn.” Yet another wrote that he had chicken Parmigiana. “Served with salad, toast.” This is a condensed summary of the information.