iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max to Get More Expensive

If you’re ready to make the upgrade, here are three tips to prepare for the new iPhone 14. Apple’s next flagship is expected to have a notch-free display, 48-megapixel camera, LPDDR5 memory, and USB 3.0 speeds. While the iPhone 14’s specs are still a bit sketchy, it’s worth remembering that there’s no official word on whether it will have Touch ID or not, although it would be an excellent alternative to Face ID.

iPhone 14 will have a notch-less display

Earlier this month, reports surfaced that Apple will ditch the notch on its iPhone 14 and iPhone Pro. Previously, the iPhone X featured a notch. But this year, the iPhone maker may move away from this design and focus on a hole-punch design for the front camera. This is a common trend among Android manufacturers and is now making its way to Apple. It’s not surprising that a notch-less display would be the most attractive feature of these phones.

It will have a 48-megapixel camera

Apple’s next iPhone is rumored to come with a 48-megapixel camera. According to a recent TF Securities note, the iPhone 14 will sport a camera with a 48-megapixel sensor. While the higher megapixel count may increase the detail in photos, it is unlikely to improve low-light photography. Instead, the iPhone 14 Pro will probably take pictures with a 48-megapixel sensor when the surroundings are well-lit, but it will revert to a 12-megapixel camera when there is less light. In addition, Android vendors already use pixel-binning technology, which combines four pixels into one larger one.

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It will have LPDDR5 memory

Apple’s next generation iPhone will feature LPDDR5 memory, which is faster than earlier standards while using less energy. Apple plans to introduce the LPDDR5 memory in the iPhone 14 Max models, and the iPhone 13 series will be left behind with fourGB of RAM. Apple has expanded its list of component suppliers for the new iPhone 14 series, in response to supply chain constraints. According to DigiTimes, the company is expected to begin mass production of the iPhone 14 series in August, with a Sept. 13 debut.

It will have USB 3.0 speeds

If Apple is serious about improving transfer speeds on the iPhone 14 Pro, it could include USB 3.0 support. The USB 3.0 standard requires eight connectors, and the lightning connector already has eight. The USB 3.0 standard also requires a dedicated physical bus to transfer data faster. As of now, only the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Max will get USB 3.0 upgrades. But there’s a chance Apple could change its mind and add USB 3.0 support to the iPhone 14 series.

It will have Face ID as its biometric of choice

Rumors have suggested that Apple is planning to introduce an in-display fingerprint scanner on the next iPhone, but this is unlikely to arrive in the fall. The device will still have a cutout, as with previous models. However, Apple might try to incorporate both Face ID and Touch ID into the next iPhone. While this would be a great development, it would also delay the release of the iPhone 14.