As the release date of the new iPhone draws closer, suppliers are being asked by Apple to produce as many as 90 million units of the handset. It is expected to come with no-notch design, 6GB of memory, and the latest A16 chip. Apple is expecting the same volume of orders for the iPhone 14 as it did for the iPhone 13.

Apple advises suppliers to make at least 90 million iPhone 14 handsets

Despite a few analysts questioning Apple’s demand for the iPhone 14, the company is planning to ramp up its manufacturing in the second half of this year. According to Bloomberg, Apple has advised suppliers to build 90 million iPhone 14 units this year, the same amount it produced last year. The company is anticipating that the demand for the iPhone 14 will be comparable to that of the iPhone 13. The company has reportedly deliberated building 75 million iPhone 14 handsets for initial production this year, and up to 220 million for the entire year.

iPhone 14 will feature a new no-notch design

Reports have suggested that mass production for the iPhone 14 might have already started, but it’s still too early to confirm this. Suppliers have increased component shipments, and it’s possible that Apple has already ordered enough parts to meet its orders. Still, it’s possible that the company may delay the release of the new device until the tensions between China and Taiwan are resolved. However, if that’s the case, the iPhone 14 may be delayed.

It will have 6GB of memory

It is likely that Apple’s upcoming iPhone 14 will feature 6GB of RAM. The new technology is expected to make future models with more RAM capable of handling more tasks. This will translate to improved speed and performance. Last year’s iPhones had fourGB of LPDDR4X memory. However, future models are expected to have LPDDR5 memory standards, according to a DigiTimes report.

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It will have a faster A16 chip

After a year in which the company only ordered 75 million new iPhone models, Apple has asked its suppliers to build at least 90 million units of the upcoming model. Those are the same number of phones that Apple expects to sell through its stores for an entire year. While the demand for the iPhone has been strong, some analysts have wondered if the company can meet its demand for the iPhone 14.

It will have three rear-facing cameras

Apple is reportedly switching suppliers for the rear-facing camera lens on the iPhone 14. The company had previously gotten the components from LG Innotek, but now the company will supply the front-facing cameras for the upcoming iPhone 14 series. The supplier was initially only tasked with supplying the rear-facing camera for the iPhone 15 series. Apple did not give a definite timeline for the shipments of the iPhone 14.