While the U.S. military is working tirelessly to airlift Americans from Kabul and Afghan allies, ex-President Donald Trump suggested that thousands of terrorists might be among those evacuees.

Trump stated Tuesday that the Taliban had taken complete control of the evacuation flights and prevented the best and brightest from boarding them. This despite Taliban efforts to stop Afghans’ movement and bring about a quick withdrawal.

Trump said that it was impossible to imagine how many terrorists were airlifted from Afghanistan.

A number of close U.S. allies, including Afghan military translators, were turned away at Kabul’s airport. Priority went to American citizens and holders of green cards, reported Tuesday, citing an unnamed State Department official.

After the Taliban took over Afghanistan, the U.S. worked around the clock to help.

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden stated that the U.S. would not extend the deadline of August 31 to withdraw, despite attempts by Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister, and Mitch McConnell (R-Ky), to force the president to delay.

As America withdraws its forces from Afghanistan, the Taliban took control of the country and insist that the U.S. military be expelled by Tuesday.

Michelle Bachelet, U.N. chief for human rights, stated Tuesday in a statement that she had received reports about restrictions on women’s movement and the recruitment of child soldiers.

She stated that the Taliban’s rapid seize of large parts of Afghanistan, including its capital, raised serious fears about a return to human rights violations past and has stoked despair among many Afghans.”

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Biden has defended the U.S. initial pullout. It was initiated after Trump reduced the number of troops in Afghanistan. He also planned an even faster exit during his presidency.

McConnell appeared on News Tuesday and seemed less concerned with terrorism fears than he was about the deadline.

McConnell stated that the president should forget about August 31. “We must send enough American military personnel to save our people,” McConnell stated.