This swarm of robots gets smarter the Longer it works

At a Hong Kong warehouse, a swarm of autonomous robots works 24/7. They are not just working hard, they’re working smart; as they operate, they get better at their job.

The Autonomous Mobile Robots were developed by Chinese startup Geek+. As they move around the warehouse they’re guided by QR codes on the ground, and utilizing AI that they can produce their own decisions, including what direction to travel and what route to take to their destination. A group tracks these movements and uses the data to improve their algorithms, which makes the robots more efficient.

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Robots have become commonplace in warehouses globally and Geek+ states it’s more than 15,000 robots in more than 30 countries, including in Nike and Decathlon warehouses. Managing manager Lit Fung says using robots that become more effective over time helps companies meet demands for fast delivery, as well as decreasing labor costs and human error.