What we know about the Biden-Putin summit

Officials aboard Air Force One during the trip from Brussels to Geneva stated US President Joe Biden will meet Russian President Vladimir Putin at 1 CET, seven a.m. ET, in the villa in which the summit is happening.

Putin will arrive in the villa initially and the two will probably likely be greeted by the Swiss President before posing for a photograph.

Their initial meeting will comprise four participants: Biden, Putin, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken along Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. Each side is going to have a translator, also there’ll be a photo-op with colleagues at the beginning.

The assembly will subsequently enlarge with five-member delegations on each side, along with Biden and Putin.

US officials said that they expected the talks to continue for four hours or maybe longer. The leaders aren’t anticipated to discuss a meal.

No breaking of bread,” a senior government official said.
Both leaders will finish by convening different press conferences.

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Officials underscored the small expectations for the discussions, record nuclear stability as well as other arms control agreements as a possible supply of arrangement. They stated it had been likely that areas of possible cooperation are phased out to aides for additional work.

Ransomware is anticipated to factor greatly in the discussions, and also the officer said Biden would highlight US strategies to react to continuing state-directed hacks.

Biden will boost human rights,” the officer said, but wouldn’t specify whether this will incorporate a talk of resistance boss Alexey Navalny.

The US and Russian ambassadors into the various capitals are going to be in Geneva for its discussions.

The senior government official said Biden was reviewing the topics in written content and participating with a huge array of advisers from the lead-up into the summit.

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