With over 1.4 billion cows in the world, cows farming accounts for almost 10 percent of greenhouse gases produced by human action.

A large chunk comes from the methane cows exude, but a brand new feed supplement can reduce these emissions by an average of 30 percent , based on its manufacturers. If all of the world’s cattle ate the nutritional supplement, the decrease in emissions might be equal to taking over 300 million cars away from Europe’s roads.
Produced by Swiss-British startup Mootral, the nutritional supplement, dependent on citrus and garlic extracts, is blended with routine cows feed, decreasing methane emissions from the equivalent of about a ton of carbon dioxide per cow each year.

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The provider is presently converting these economies to carbon credits — accepted by Verra, a worldwide application for voluntary carbon offsets –which are offered to companies that are looking to offset their emissions.
Proceeds from the sale of these carbon credits return to the farmers, subsidizing the first price of the feed and inviting them to purchase more, Mootral CEO Thomas Hafner informs CNN Business.
“Carbon credits are an essential stimulus tool to induce the adoption of climate-friendly technology,” Hafner states.