A guy who turned himself for a New Hampshire sex show party that triggered an explosion was charged with disorderly conduct, authorities confirmed this week.

The explosion happened in April, at a quarry near a definite mixing company. Tannerite is a goal utilized for firearms clinic that also comes at a gender-reveal number , authorities said in the announcement.

Following Kingston police came, the partygoers confessed that the explosion was a part of a sex reveal party and afterwards told a detective that they had chosen the quarry since they felt that it was a”safe place” to detonate the explosives, authorities said.

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However, the detonation triggered tremors that some neighbors that lived close to the quarry thought came out of an earthquake,” CNN formerly reported.

Following a Kingston police investigation discovered that the explosion had not caused”additional land damages,” Spinelli was charged with disorderly behaviour”because of the fact he caused public alarm,” authorities said in the announcement.